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Avocados contain a wide range of nutrients and may have various health benefits. These include improving digestion, lowering the risk of depression, preventing bone loss, supporting heart health, protecting against cancer, and more. Heart-healthy recipes may help a person lower their risk of cardiovascular disease.
To make this a reality, we have entire teams of editors and experts focused on identifying and updating inaccurate or unclear information. We know that every person’s situation, experiences, and preferences are different, so we stand for inclusivity and empathy. We’re here — free of judgment — for everyone seeking better health. Health information is easy to find, but it can be confusing, overwhelming, inaccurate, irrelevant, or inaccessible.
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Our purpose is to refresh the world and make a difference. See how our company and system employees make this possible every day and learn more about our areas of focus in sustainability. In North Carolina, the “birthplace” of CROs, positions are plentiful and generally offer good salaries, benefits and job security. But contract/clinical research is still not a well-known career option. Advanced Animal Diagnostics, a Morrisville diagnostics and data systems company, has created the subsidiary Ad Astra Diagnostics to focus on human diagnostics.
The biggest stories in medicine and public health delivered right to your inbox. These Council reports contribute to the policy options for reforming physician payment. Key council reports on this topic have addressed APMs, Medicaid expansion, the site-of-service differential and high-value care. Learn more about the latest update for Medicare physician payments.
The goal of the Reimagining Residency grant program is to transform residency training to best address the workplace needs of our current and future health care system. New research reveals a newly discovered brain circuit that involves astrocytes, a type of brain cell that tunes into and moderates the chatter between overactive neurons. This discovery could hold the key to treating attention disorders like ADHD, and sheds new light on how the brain processes information when overwhelmed.
Feeling the heat at home, the French president heads to China to ink some lucrative deals and pay lip service to Xi’s pledges of peace. The “mother of dark matter” was a force of nature—and a forceful advocate for other women who wanted to dedicate their career to the cosmos. Our first known interstellar visitor is now long gone, but new research has some ideas about why it moved the way it did while it was in our cosmic neighborhood. Victory in the next major conflict could very well depend on the effectiveness of drones — from their swarm capabilities to their surveillance and artificial intelligence technologies. “In an era of speed and accessibility, building on the sound platform of Frontiers is like standing on the shoulders of giants. Scholars can see farther and publish with even greater impact.” “Frontiers is on your side when promoting new scientific areas and is a proactive partner in exploring new forms of science dissemination and discussion.”
The heavy use of fossil fuels for driving industrial processes and human activities has resulted in increasingly excessive emissions of anthropogenic CO2 into our atmosphere, surpassing the 400 ppm level. In what could prove a significant move for communities facing air pollution, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed on Thursday that chemical plants nationwide measure certain hazardous compounds that cross beyond their … Over the past few days, a small Cessna aircraft carrying an experimental technology flew over the Senales Valley in South Tyrol between Vernago Lake and Grawand. Over news editorials of two flights, a sensor measured the heat …
Currently, there are 12 different known elementary particles, which in … Our brains are made of billions of neurons, which are connected forming complex networks. They communicate between themselves by sending electrical signals, known as action potentials, and chemical signals, known as neurotransmitters, … Think about how frustrating it is to try to fit a gift into a box that is too small. Rolf Fabricius Warming from the Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies at Stockholm University in Sweden and founding director of the Society for Combat Archaeology is challenging previous interpretations of ceremonial …