Three Considerations Before Hosting a Silent Auction

fundraising silent auction may motivate guests to continue the bidding, as they will not know when the auction will close. You can also have a set closing time and use a countdown to motivate guests to place last-minute bids. The best items for silent auctions will be tailored to meet your audience’s interests. For example, if catering to an adventurous audience, the opportunity to win a destination hunting package provided by Charity Safaris could cause a bidding war in the crowd. Not only can they raise substantial funds for your organization, but they can also provide an immersive experience that guests will remember. In addition, because the auction is “silent” or anonymous, even reluctant supporters may be inclined to participate.
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Silent auctions are mostly considered as just a tool to raise funds. When thinking about how a silent auction works, it’s important to know the benefits and drawbacks. Our Live Demos are hands on mock Virtual Gala events where you can experience all the features offered by our virtual galas as well as interact with other demo attendees.
In particular, avoid U-shaped arrangements, which can quickly jam up. That means you can easily add new items as they come in, allowing you to start promoting your event earlier than you would be able to with a printed catalog. Chances are, some of the items featured in your auction are large or cumbersome.
For example, a silent auction at a wine-and-cheese night may include items like tickets for a winery tour, a cheese board gift basket, and other related gifts. Whether hosting an in-person auction or online auction, using event software for nonprofits can make your next silent auction a breeze. Classy Live saves event admins time and improves participants’ experiences during silent auctions. Larger fundraisers and corporate events will often organise auction items on consignment from companies that specialise in this. These items are generally pieces of memorabilia that are well presented and have certificates of authenticity.